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    Crashed Ferrari Table

    A French seat engineer combined a review square – by encasing a mutilate of a Ferrari supercar in a table. Charly Molinelli, from Corsica, was approached by a patron who wanted a articulate indicate for her vital room. Knowing his patron was a engine sports fan, he approached a crony who worked during a scrapyard that was abrasive a Ferrari F40. The 27-year-old explains: “The plan came during a ask from a patron who wanted a coffee list lounge to work as both a unsentimental square of seat and an artistic statement. The thought of regulating a Ferrari came really naturally, as my patron was really supportive to all associated to a universe of engine and luxury.”
    The finished work took dual months, with Mr Molinelli regulating other recycled materials to finish it. He says: “At first, we incited to several professionals before conception, to ask their points of views. Finally we motionless to build it myself with recovered materials, including several woods, cement, paint and varnish.”

    The crashed Ferrari Table from Charlie Molinelli costs about one thousand U.S. dollars. “Hey it´s a Ferrari”!

    Posted by Blobber - Sep 12, 07:43 PM
    Posted in Curiosities

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