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    3D portraits with painted screws

    Some painting artists experiment with the canvas they use. Andrew Myers is one of those artists, and he has created some truly stunning portraits simply by making his canvas out of screws.

    By using screws Myers retains the ability to paint on a surface, in this case the screw head, but also gains the ability to play with an uneven surface. By varying the amount the screw is screwed into the wooden surface that acts as a base, he is able to create a portrait with a 3D look to it.

    Myers says that being an artist is a lonely existence, and creating each of these pieces of art must take an incredible amount of patience, planning, and skill.

    Starting with a blank canvas for Myers means getting his drill out. He has to drill every single screw hole before he can even think about how deep to insert each screw and what to paint on them. But it definitely seems worth it when you see the final result.

    You can find more information on Andrew Myers Art

    Posted by Blobber - Sep 12, 07:57 PM
    Posted in Curiosities

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