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    Walkthrough Slender (horror game)

    We already reported about Slender.

    A first person horror game where your goal is to find eight scripts about a paranormal creature called Slender Man.

    Link to previous article (with download link for windows and mac):

    SLENDER – a new indie horror game for free

    Here are some Tips & Tricks for Slender:

    Game Controls:

    General game controls, moving, running, collecting pages, etc.

    • W,A,S,D – Moving
    • Mouse – Look around you
    • Left Mouse Button – collect script notes
    • Right Mouse Button – Flashlight
    • Left Shift – Run
    • Q/E – Zoom-In/-Out

    “The more directly you come in contact with the Slender Man, the faster your sanity drains.”

    Slender-World Map:

    The Slender map shows the wooden territory, including the buildings and special points, and all places where you can find the eight pages.

    Slender map walkthrough

    (click on the image for a larger view)

    Things you should know:

    The difficulty increases with each collected page (note).

    After collecting 3 pages Slender Man will appear right in front of you. RUN!

    You can use the sky to keep your orientation.

    Only run when necessery.

    The 8 places to collect the pages are marked in the slender-world map.

    Posted by Blobber - Sep 12, 08:35 PM
    Posted in Games

    2 Comments for Walkthrough Slender (horror game)

    1. This game is 99.9% scary only time i wasn’t was when i saw slender Man and turned and ran i was so relieved he didn’t catch me. I was in building and i got page i was about to exit and slender appeared in front of exit i was about to pis myself

      andrew · Nov 02, 03:33 PM

    2. In my experience, I think running may help. If you see the Slender man and static comes up, get away from him, put an obstacle between you and him (like a tree or something) and sometimes turning the light on or off helps too!
      I was just exploring the house in the dark, I wasn’t even scared for ages, then he appeared right in front of me on a blind corner and I screamed my head off!
      Just don’t risk blind corners. And if you haven’t had any trace of the Slender man for ages, then he’s going to appear right in front of you at some point.

      ??? · Dec 15, 09:50 AM

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