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Incredible optical illusion

Sound waves can do some wildly divergent things, from delivering music to your ears, to mapping the ocean floor…..

Posted in Curiosities - Sep 12, 07:52 PM

Intel - Tizen OS v1.0 released

Tizen is a free, open source operating system for mobile devices, based on the Linux operating system…

Posted in Software - Sep 12, 07:51 PM

Crashed Ferrari Table

Usually people don’t hold the car in a residential part of the house.

Posted in Curiosities - Sep 12, 07:43 PM

DreamScene for Windows 7

DreamScene was one of the Ultimate features introduced in Windows Vista that allowed users to have video loops as wallpapers in the background…

Posted in Tips & Tricks - Sep 12, 07:25 PM
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First Intel-powered smartphone

Intel said Lava International has launched the XOLO X900.

Posted in Hardware - Sep 12, 07:21 PM


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